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My. All. Time. Favorite. Thing. Ever. 
I use this to top chocolate cakes and cheesecakes, drizzle down the sides of cakes, dip strawberries, and lick the pan!  This is what heaven is like, I’m sure.  Feel free to double the recipe.  You won’t be sorry!

1/3 cup heavy whipping cream
1 cup (6 oz.) semi-sweet chocolate chips (I use only Ghirardelli)
1 teaspoon vanilla

Place whipping cream in sturdy sauce pan and heat until you see the first hint of a boil bubble.  DO NOT actually let it boil.  Remove from heat and add chocolate chips all at once.  Stir to melt the chips and get them smooth.  Sometimes, I had to briefly place the pan back on the burner for a second or two just to get a little more heat into the chocolate.  When they are smooth, stir in the vanilla.