So this is 2011. I wonder what it has in store for us.

I don’t usually make resolutions at the start of a new year, but I have done many things differently in the past year, so I guess a few resolutions wouldn’t be entirely out of character for me, huh? So here’s a small recap of my plans for this enlightened year:

The veggie garden will (hopefully) succeed with the bountiful help of the Farmer’s Almanac and Gardener’s Journal.

I will become a bread-baking fool!

I will become a vegetable canning fool!

I may very well win Fool of the Year. There’s plenty of time for me to secure the title, and I run a mean race, let me tell you.

I will bake and cook and share all of my recipes with you.

I will master Grocery Day. Okay, admittedly, this one may be a little far-fetched.

I will find some way to fit in more exercise, which is totally plausible now that we have shameless dancing games for the Wii.

I will continue to be grateful for the challenges the old year brought, and I look forward to the potential of the year ahead.

I wish you all a beautiful, purpose-driven new year!