While I would love to do a photo montage of 2010, let’s face it:  I am just not that organized.  So, I thought the best way to sum up our year would be a recap of some of the things I have overheard, and some conversations of which I have been a part.  Here is our year in review with a list of Things Heard Around the Mainiero Home:

“Are you through with your mashed potatoes?”

“Mabel licked ‘em.”

“So, that’s a ‘yes?’”


“Mommy, what do we have to buy at Ham Hock Fabrics?”

“It’s ‘Hancock Fabrics,’ sweetie.”



“I need a new [iPod] screen protector.  This one has Cheeto on it.”


“Mabel has something!!!!!”

{This quote is always followed by a stampede of people chasing Mabel to retrieve whatever she has absconded with.}



“I had to sleep on the cold, hard floor last night.”

“You did not.”

“I did, too!  I was laying on the floor.  In the kitchen.  With the freezer door open.”



“Can you help me get Marsha (the bunny rabbit) back in her cage…again?”


“Mommy, you are an organic freak!!”


“If you grow a garden of all that stuff, are we gonna have to eat it?”


Vic: “There’s a man standing over there with a cane.”

Aaron: “I see him.”

Vic: “That cane shoots lasers out the bottom.”

Aaron: “His cane does NOT shoot lasers out the bottom of it.”

Vic: “You don’t know that.”


“Why do people have to pop firecrackers?  Don’t they know I don’t like them?”


Aaron: “Why does Mason have to go to the doctor again?”

Me: “You want the long story or the short story?”

Aaron: “The short story.”

Me: “He has tumors in his butt.”

Aaron: “I am soooooo sorry I asked!”


Happy New Year from the Mainiero Zoo!