On this, the first grocery shopping day of the New Year, I am pleased to report that I am finding more and more organics at Wal Mart. This means that the grocery store giant is finally paying attention to what consumers really want, at least in my neck of the woods.

Okay, forget that there are so many varieties of soft drinks available now that I got a headache when I came home with specially requested Cherry Coke and realized I had inadvertently bought Cherry Coke Zero. Ugh! Both kids took one look at the 2-liter bottle and asked, “Aspartame?”


And I hate Wal Mart returns.

But, back to the good news…

The organic items I am finding are: milk, chicken broth, Annie’s snack mix, yellow onions, limes, potatoes, salad greens and baby spinach. They also now carry the YoBaby yogurt line from Stonyfield. And prior to the holidays they sold organic chicken breasts.

They said they cancelled the chicken breasts in the interest of making room for the holiday turkeys in the coolers. But the turkeys should be gone soon, and I hope to see my chicken return.

While we still have a long way to go, this helps a great deal in decreasing the need for me to hit four or five stores. I think I’ll send them a thank you note, and a list of things I need them to carry.