Allow me to give you some stats on yesterday, Sunday, January 2 :

Number of hours I overslept: 2 ½

Number of hours I spent waiting on bread to rise: 8

Number of hours I spent standing in my kitchen: 11

Number of cups of coffee I drank: 2

Number of meals I consumed: 1 (ironically, a sandwich.)

Number of times I said, “Not now, sweetie,” to my children: 18

Number of loaves of bread I actually made: 3

Number of hours that I was up PAST the time I WANTED to go to bed: 2

Number of biscuits baked: 0

With all that I have to be pleased with in my first-ever No-Holds-Barred bread baking day, why would I mention the biscuits that didn’t get made?

Because I didn’t want to just be 19th Century Farm Woman today, I wanted to be SUPER 19th Century Farm Woman today.  I wanted to do it all.  (Except that we don’t have cows or chickens, which is a very good thing…)

Dom and Victoria were gracious enough to go to Kroger for me, since I was standing in the kitchen covered in flour for most of the day.  I needed them to bring home White Lily Enriched Bleached Self-Rising Flour.

Have you ever heard of White Lily Enriched Bleached Self-Rising Flour?  Me either.  Until I read that I NEEEEEEEED this flour to make the absolute best-ever southern biscuits.  The slap-your-mama kind. 

Now will someone please tell me whyyyyyyyyy no store in Shreveport carries White Lily Enriched Bleached Self-Rising Flour?  I can buy 15 pounds of it on Amazon, but I will need to pay more for shipping than I would for product.  I say phooey!  The Purpose Driven Mom isn’t made of money, ya know.

(Someone please explain that to my kids…)

Speaking of my kids, they are the reason I’m trying to make my own homemade slap-your-mama biscuits.  Dom told me Aaron likes biscuits.  Aaron!  Crazy, right?  I mean, this is the kid who used to eat Cheerios for three squares a day. 

So my plan is to stop by Snobby Brookshire’s on my lunch hour tomorrow.  (They’re not really snobby, but it’s our most upscale grocery store, so they have every right to be, if they wanted.  Plus, I like the nickname.)  If they don’t have the flour I require, I’m going to have to resort to testing other brands and praying they give me quality results.  I’m a little nervous about veering from the recipe’s recommendation when the recipe requires SEVERAL hours of my time. 

Alright, alright.  Enough whining.  Want to see what DID turn out right?

 The Mediterranean Olive Bread (totally organic, mind you! Rock on!!)

The White Sandwich loaves waiting for the final rise.  Good grief, these took ALL DAY!!  And as they rose, I didn’t quite get the height I was hoping for, but they turned out okay. 

The true test will come when Aaron and Victoria try it out.  Until then…

How am I looking for that Bread Fool award???  😉