Last week when I mentioned that I had typed Aaron’s research paper for the Science fair project (in which he placed 2nd! Yay, Aaron), I was struck by the realization that these little humans are indeed old enough to type. I mean, really…they are on the computer almost as much as I am, and they are fast becoming text mongers and game hounds. It only stands to reason that they should be typing correctly, right?

So that is my next goal. To get my kids moderately proficient in typing before school starts next year. So let it be written. So let it be done.


Okay, I have already nixed the idea of turning my kitchen table into a mini-computer lab, but only because I detest messing with cords more than absolutely necessary. Instead, I am opting for teaching each of them at their own pace and using multiple tools to interest them on a variety of levels. For instance:

I borrowed an iPad keyboard from a friend of mine (mostly for my personal use this weekend to determine if this was something I wanted to sink money into) and I realized that Victoria was as fascinated by the keyboard as I was. So I bought a 99-cent app that has typing skills games and set her up at the kitchen table. She was hooked! In fact, she has had possession of the iPad more than I have this weekend. Last night, she was poised at the table cautiously pecking away at the keyboard. I peeked over her shoulder and saw that she was on the “practice test” portion of the app, strategically placing her fingers on the right keys and moving through the sentences that the app was generating.

Um, wow. I really didn’t expect it to be quite that intriguing.

I told the kids that I wanted to teach them to use Microsoft Word as well so that they will be able to navigate the word processor for the effects that they want. Aaron replied that he already uses Word at school.

“Then why on earth did I type your paper?”

“Because if I had typed it, it would have taken me a week! I never said I was good at it.”

See what I mean???

So both kids are on board with Professor Mom’s Typing Class. This will be an adventure, for sure!