I guess it’s time to introduce you to my love-hate relationship with cleaning the bathroom.  Most people probably just subscribe to the “hate” side of that equation, and believe me, I understand your point.  But I have always had a unique way of looking at it. 

My home, while not grand or estate-like by any stretch of the imagination, is roomy – enough so that  four people can simultaneously get away from each other when they need to and still stay at home.  And I suppose if I were the only one living in it, it’s small enough for me to maintain cleanliness on my own.  But it is, quite frankly, too big for me to clean while three other people mess it up.  And then, there’s the share of messing up that comes all from little ol’ me.  Yes, I’m guilty too. 

So, you see, sometimes the thought of having to clean “the whole house” is just a tad overwhelming. That’s where the bathroom comes into play.  A bathroom is generally manageable all on its own.  I can walk in, close the door, and begin cleaning to my heart’s content within those four little sub-walls.  Because our bathrooms are relatively modest, the task of cleaning one from top to bottom never lasts more than an hour, and then I congratulate myself on having cleaned “one whole room!!”  Yaaaaayyyy, ME!

See?  That’s the love side of the equation.  For just under an hour, I get to lock myself away in a room no one else cares to be in, take out my frustration on the countertops and floors, and walk away feeling totally accomplished.  So I admit that I have been a bit stingy with the task.  At least, until last week-end. 

I finally decided that it’s not enough that the kids be conditioned to keep their stuff off the floor of our home so that I’m not constantly stepping over Legos and dirty socks.  It’s time they learned to scrub.  Plus, I’m no longer using harsh chemicals in my cleaning, so there’s nothing to say that they can’t get right in there and do the job themselves.  I spent last Sunday teaching them how to clean a bathroom thoroughly.  Victoria is a natural!  She fearlessly crawled around on the floor to scrub the base of the toilet while Aaron scrubbed out the sink.  This was all done in THEIR bathroom, by the way.  After getting the sink to sparkle once again, Aaron announced to Victoria that they both needed to aim their toothpaste spittle more toward the drain hole so that he wouldn’t have so much to scrub the next time. 

Now, remember, while he says this she’s cleaning around the base of the toilet.  If you have boys, you know what Vic was dealing with.  She calmly looked up at him and asked, “Dude, really??”

Ahhhhhhh….they finally see my point!!!!