This past fall when my children brought home fundraising brochures filled with eye-popping pictures of planet-sized cookies, my first reaction was to look for the ingredient list in the brochure.   Not finding it there, I searched for Otis Spunkmeyer’s website and, although I had to dig extensively for it, found the ingredient lists and nutritional information for every cookie my kids were selling.  Voila!  Love to Otis!!

And when the Girl Scouts came around with their order forms, I once again visited the Internet and found ingredient lists for those cookies as well.  Sadly, some of my favorite cookies contain ingredients I wish to avoid, but there are plenty of Girl Scout cookies that pass the muster just fine. 

Last week, a coworker approached me with a cookie dough order form, and I was happy to repay the favor of a purchase.  I immediately Googled the fundraising company in order to peruse ingredient listings and make my selection.

No ingredient lists to be found.  Nowhere.  Zip.  Zilch.  Nada.

I emailed the company for an ingredient list and have not heard back.  I wrote down their phone number…somewhere.  So I decided at the last minute to buy white chocolate macadamia nut cookie dough, with the understanding that if it has questionable ingredients, I’m giving the whole box to my payroll manager. 

Am I really that picky about ingredients in fundraiser cookie dough?  Hellooooooo… have you READ this blog???

Now, let’s be honest.  No one WANTS to pay $20 for $3.50 worth of frozen cookie dough. I don’t care how good the cookies taste.  The fact is that we are supporting something greater than a cookie company.  We are supporting a school.  More than that, we are supporting the kids who attend and benefit from that school.  THAT’S why we buy $20 cookie dough, folks.  That’s why we have overpriced wrapping paper and cheesy cookbooks in our closets.  That’s why we have chocolate-dipped banana chips and peppermint pretzels in our pantry. 

That’s also why our schools have computers, playground equipment, and smartboards.  Maybe not always as a direct result of fundraising, but more often than not.  Trust me. 

I do feel strongly about the need for any fundraising efforts to be forthcoming with their ingredient lists, and I will continue to make that desire known to the companies who seek to profit.

Hoping to support another child’s school, I emailed another fundraising company today for ingredients in their salsa.  I also suggested that they add the ingredient listing to their website.  Would you believe they emailed me back before the day was out, agreed that the listings on the website would be a good idea, and provided me with the ingredient list straight from the salsa jar?  They DID! 

So, sign me up for the $8 jar.  I like those all-natural ingredients.  And I’ll smile knowing I’ve bought more than just salsa.