Serves 2-3 people  (Count on two with some leftovers!)

1 1-lb flank steak
½ T Kosher salt
1 t pepper
½T parsley
¼ t ground ginger
½ lime
1 pouch ready-to-serve Basmati Rice (I use Uncle Ben’s 90-second microwavable pouch)
1 cup fully cooked and shelled edamame (buy shelled edamame frozen, then steam in microwave.)

Mix together the salt, pepper, parsley and ginger and rub on all sides of the steak.  Slice steak across the grain into thin strips for grilling (we use our little George Foreman) OR grill whole steak on regular grill (slicing will be last step).  Remove from grill and squeeze lime over steak.  Cover loosely with foil and let stand 10 minutes.

Prepare rice according to package and steam edamame.  Stir the edamame into the rice and squeeze lime over the rice mixture. 

Slice steak across the grain into thin strips if not already done, and serve over rice.