OK, I don’t know quite what is up with this, and leave it to ME to have issues, but my organic coffee is doing something weird to me.  It’s making me not like sweets. 

For real. 


I first tried an organic coffee this past fall (and to be fair, I have only tried one brand so far, so this might be a moot point if I ever finish the bag).  After about a week of drinking it in the mornings I noticed that sweets were uncharacteristically repulsive.  They sounded like a good idea; they would call to me from the cake plate or the cookie jar, but they deceived me!  Before swallowing the first bite of whatever sweet I chose an awful bitter taste would set in, making it impossible to take a second bite. 

Have you ever in your life known a chocolate chip cookie cake to not taste good?  I rest my case. 

The only common denominator during that whole week was the coffee.  So I set it aside, resumed brewing my previous favorite brand, and sweets slowly morphed back into their original, um… sweetness. 

Now, at the time, I thought this side effect was an awful trick of nature, and I rebelled against it with gusto.  But now, two months after the holidays, I’m thinking I might need to brew up some more of my organic coffee in hopes that the side effect returns.  I could stand to avoid the cookie jar, yaknowwhaddimesayin’?