How long did you really think it would take before I went there??  It’s been a rough week.  Lots of personal ups and downs, knee-bending prayers for an injured teacher whom we love, and a daughter who missed two days of school with a fever virus – resulting in a three hour visit in the pediatrician’s office.  To put it bluntly, this week has sucked. 

Ironically, via either stress, hormones, or Mother Nature’s very cruel sense of humor, this week has found me with facial blemishes to rival my teenage years.  I swear I have the constellation Cassiopeia on my chin.  No lie.  Mom took one look at me and said, “Oh no.  What’s up?”

And because of my venture into the natural I am unwilling to try any typical topical ointments.  (Typical…topical…isn’t this fun?)  Suddenly, Twitter to the rescue.  I happened to see a tweet this week about tea tree oil being a good blemish controller because it counteracts the bacteria on the skin.  And since I figured if it didn’t work I could at least find another use for it, I bought some.    Here’s what I have done: after cleansing I’ve dotted the tea tree oil on the trouble spots, let it dry a bit and then applied moisturizer.  I’ve done this morning and night for just 2½ days and already the unsightly horrors are disappearing. 

Now, if you want to try the tea tree oil for blemish control, I’ll go ahead and tell you now that the smell of this essential oil is pretty strong (they’re all strong, I know…that’s sort of the point).  But this one smells like 1960’s wood paneling to me.  Just sayin’…

I don’t know which of the gurus I follow originally tweeted this information, but I am grateful that they did and that I saw it. Charmaine Leah at Glamology has a TON of information on her site with great skin care product recipes and advice.  I am in awe of her.  Seriously.  Like, I want her autograph or something.  She has totally hit rock star status for me.  And as far as I can tell, she IS Mint and Berry, so I knew I was going to love her!

Coming soon: you’ll get to hear about my homemade facial scrub, perfume, and new favorite moisturizer.  This will be a MUCH better week, I just know it!