I believe we have reached the point where Victoria is determined to NOT like that which has Omega-3s in it, and JUST because she knows I want her to like them.

I guess it goes like that sometimes.

I’m trying to allow her some space in this. I mean, we would never have begun all this change were it not for her issues, and even though I am grateful for the chance to learn and improve our lives, I have to be a little less of a bulldog about it all when she is feeling less than grateful.

I always love finding something new that is organic and that actually stands a chance of impressing the kids. Two weeks ago I was checking out at Sunshine Health Foods when I spied a box of tiny packets on display at the counter. Savi Seeds. Hmmm. I read the back of the packet and just about did a cartwheel right there in the store. This new snack comes from the sacha inchi seed, a nut-like seed found in the Amazon Rainforest. Ounce for ounce, they pack an impressive 13 times MORE Omega-3s than wild-caught salmon. The best part of all? They are covered in organic dark chocolate.

{Happy Dance}

Vic took one look at the packet and announced, “I don’t like dark chocolate.”

Party pooper!

Fortunately, Aaron likes dark chocolate and was willing to help me finish the tiny packet while Vic sputtered and gagged on the one tiny piece she agreed to try. And despite the fact that she detested it, she willingly came to the store last weekend to buy another flavor.

The seeds have a very nutty, almost smoky taste, and I can’t figure out what they remind me of. But they come in three varieties: Cocoa Kissed, Karmalized, and Oh Natural. They are all good!! The chocolate makes them like chocolate covered almonds; the caramelized ones remind me of honey roasted peanuts, and the natural ones are plain jane and show more of their true flavor.

This morning Vic admitted to preferring the Karmalized version. I smelled victory at last. “Finally! Was that really so hard???”

She held her chin up and replied, “Yes, as a matter of fact, it was.”

Looks like I have my work cut out for me…still.