I started my compost pile already, which is to say that I have initiated a spot in the yard which shall henceforth hold fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, egg shells, rabbit litter, leaves and pine straw.

And worms.

Eep! Yes, I mail ordered worms. True, I probably could have gone to my local marina and bought some regular old earthworms suitable for fishing, but would the marina have thrown in a $20 kitchen compost canister to hold a couple days’ scraps?? In my choice of black or white? Oh, I think not.

Hey, if I’m gonna buy worms, I figure I should at least get some sort of perk with the deal, right? It’s kinda like buying shoes from a store that sells the matching purse.

Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm shipped 2,000 red worms to me yesterday morning. I should have the little fellas in a day or two. And then I will show them their new home, a small-ish flowerbed area in the back yard which was originally intended to hold hostas and hibiscus. With no immediate plans to officially detail the planter, we decided it would be a great compost holder for the time being.

I have had some concerns about my compost area because of some articles I read that implied my pile needed to be 3 feet high or it wouldn’t get warm enough to do its thing. My pile is only going to be a foot high at best. But Mickey, my co-worker and source of information on all things garden, says my pile should do just fine.

I did have to put some tiny wire over the pile so Mabel won’t go all crazy in it. She is only moderately interested in it now, but I fear if she digs around in it, my potential compost will be all over the yard before its time.

I hope the composting works out, and I hope the worms like their new home. I want a happy garden. 🙂