I’ve been reading a lot of tweets about coconut oil lately.  Beneficial, skin-smoothing, healthy-for-cooking coconut oil.  I had to see what all the fuss was about, right?  In the interest of responsible blogging, and all…

So this weekend while at Vitamins Plus I bought a jar of rather solid coconut oil, not having even the smallest idea what to expect from it, much less what to do with it.  Since this jar was on the shelf with the essential oils, and not on the baking goods aisle, I figured I’d just use it as a skin supplement and see where that took me.  
But like I said, it was pretty solid.  I set it on the bathroom counter and decided I’d have to figure out later how to melt it down for use.  But as luck and motherly distraction would have it, I accidentally left the bathroom heater on during the night.  The next morning when I discovered that the coconut oil was partially melted and actually “scoop-able,” I decided to give it a try. 

WOW.  That is one rockin’ moisturizer!! I used it on my legs and feet – that’s where I decided I would most notice if a moisturizer was doing its job.  Let me just put it this way: my heels – my wintery, moisture-deprived heels – are totally soft again.   It’s virtually unscented, not oily at all, soaks in nicely and leaves a pretty glow. My hat’s off to coconut oil, friends!

Of course, I can’t just leave it at “woo-hoo, good moisturizer!” You need to know the health benefits of coconut oil, too! You will find that the baking aisle does have a coconut oil suitable for cooking, and I imagine that is where you will find the most true health benefits, like cholesterol management, heart health, and immunity boosts in fighting bacteria and viruses.

According to one source, coconut oil consists of about 50% lauric acid which actually helps prevent heart problems including high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Sadly, this probably doesn’t mean that my tendency to overdose on Almond Joys has any true benefit. But it does entice me to find some good recipes now.

My most immediate goal is to make a lip balm from coconut oil and jojoba oil together, since I think it will make a suitable consistency. I just gotta find the right container for it, and then concoct a recipe.   

Worms one day, lip balm the next. THIS is fun!