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TAA-DAA!!  The worms have arrived!  Happy and squishy and ready for their new home, they came shipped to me in a fabric drawstring bag stuffed into the kitchen scrap canister that I ordered.  They sat on my desk through most of yesterday.  Then at quittin’ time I asked if they were ready to go home.  They answered with a resounding “YES!” (actually, they wiggled a little) and I scooped the box and headed to the car. 

Uncle Jim Says: We Dig Dirt

Confession:  I seriously believed that I might be totally creeped out by the worms. Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm site has the cutest little cartoon compost worms in the header, and that kept everything comical for me.  (See this little dude?)  But the moment of truth came when I was told my worms had arrived, and a large brown box was placed on my desk.  Three co-workers watched as I opened the box, and for a moment I thought I might totally wig out and do that embarrassing (yet completely uncontrollable) oh-my-god-there’s-a-bug-in-the-room dance. 

But, I mean, c’mon.  They’re just worms. 

I thought to myself as I cut into the box, “You can do this.  These worms are going to help in the compost pile and be an integral part of all this gardening you plan to do.  You are going to have to be cool with them squirming around you.  Cowgirl up, Lori.”

So I did.  I watched them closely for a while at my desk.  But they were in a state of shock, I think, what with their Postal Service ride and all.  I gave them something to drink and let them rest.  When I brought them home we went out to the compost pile and I watered it down a bit.  Then just as the instructions said, I poured the mass of 2,000 worms out onto the top of the compost and ceremoniously covered them with the handy piece of newspaper provided by Uncle Jim. Within 24-48 hours they should be over their travel experience and start doing what worms do best.  I think they will be happy here. 

And I think I’m going to like having them around.  They kinda grow on ya. 

I know… Eww.  🙂