Spring felt so wonderful last week, and then the cold weather returned just in time for our Fat Tuesday celebrations.  Phooey!  Dom and I decided to avoid the rainy parades by staying home and ripping out my oven. 

That’s right, folks.  I gave up my oven for Lent.  (Just kidding.)  But I seriously don’t have a replacement yet.  I will spend the next couple of weeks planning and plotting my new oven/kitchen/whatever-I-can-afford in hopes of cooking again very soon.  Unfortunately, we made this huge irreversible commitment just two days before an office potluck lunch, thereby depleting my ability to cook anything noteworthy for the event.  I think I’ll take a cheese ball and some crackers. (Oh, this is soooo not me.)

In other news, my bum knee is nothing to worry about (so says an MD), but it is advised that I stop wearing high heels.  This really stinks because I love my shoes.  But, yes, I love my knee more, so I’ll go with this “change for the better” even though it was totally NOT my idea. 

Now I’m headed out the door today wearing flats and toting a muffaletta cheese ball to the office.  Not exactly an ideal end to the carnival season, but hey…

Laissez les bon temps roullez!!