I stayed home today in order to let the plumbers come in and run our gas line to the kitchen area to accommodate our new oven (which arrives on Thursday, people!  Woo-hoooooo!).  I thought I was going to have a TON of time to do a whole slew of chores and tasks I had set before me.  But I got consumed in laundry and organizing the kitchen cabinets.  Well, you know…when I could organize without being underfoot of the people who were getting paid to make my kitchen better. 

The end result is this: 

1)      After thinking that they were going to have to rip out my ceiling and make a complete war zone of my kitchen, the plumbers were able to run requested gas line to the designated area with no destruction necessary, making a smaller mess than Mabel has ever made in her whole 2½ years of Lab-puppy antics.  Score one for the plumbers!

2)      After thinking that I was going to have to store my pots and pans on bookcases in my den because of the under-oven cabinet that had to be ripped out to accommodate a modern oven, I was able to organize and fit every single pot, pan and griddle into a new and cleaner space.  Score one for me!

Will wonders never cease??

I have to give kudos to the plumbers we used.  ParkerPointe Systems in Shreveport saved the day.  When three other plumbing companies WOULDN’T EVEN CALL ME BACK, ParkerPointe was responsive, courteous, and ready to work.  They accomplished the gas-line task in under four hours, despite my antiquated and bass-ackward home; they called in additional help when needed; and they kept me updated through the whole process.  I will use them again without hesitation.  And if you’re in the area and you need a plumber or heating/air service or a tankless water heater, you should use them too!

Now, for the interesting part.  I gotta get rid of some things I found under my cabinets.  Most of the decade-old items went straight to the recycling bin, but there are a few things that I couldn’t bring myself to throw away because I deem them “still useful.”  So I’m offering them to anyone who wants them.  Yes, for free.  If you’re local and you want them, we’ll meet up.  If you’re not local and you want them, we’ll work something out.  Just comment at the bottom and let me know.  You ready for the list?  Don’t laugh. 

  1. Cappuccino machine.  Complete with two carafes.  Smallish in size, stands about 10” tall.  Black.  Served me well. 
  2. Two Pampered Chef Chillzanne Bowls, with lids.  Never, ever used.  The smaller lid is yellow, though I have no clue why, since it was never used and the larger lid is still white.  Weirdness. 
  3. Pampered Chef Chillzanne Platter with divider tray and handle.  Used twice, but for some reason the cover has a crack in it. Otherwise looks good. I soooooo thought I would do more backyard entertaining.  Ha! (If you aren’t familiar with Chillzanne, it is a white, hollow, food-safe plastic with a liquid substance inside that freezes and helps to keep your food cold.  It was a great idea ten years ago.)
  4. A plethora of coffee travel mugs, various sizes and shapes.  NO GUARANTEE that they aren’t loaded up with BPA or something equally damaging.  Just sayin’…
  5. The Euro Chopper, never used, new in box. A knock-off of the to-die-for Pampered Chef food chopper.  Not sure where it came from or why I have it. 

I think that about sums it up.  Trust me, this is the still-useful stuff.  And even though I know I could fetch a whopping $7 for the lot in a garage sale, I really will give it to you. Really.  What I won’t do is guarantee it or take it back. 😮   How’s that for a deal?