Get ready to stand up.  Yes, that’s right.  Stop whatever you’re doing, stand up and do the happy dance with me.

You do know how to do the happy dance, don’t you? 

It looks like this:


And yes, I dance like this frequently.  It makes Victoria giggle.  I love her giggle.

Now, you’re probably wondering why in the heck you would be dancing like a fool.  Well, my friends, you are celebrating with me.  Celebrating THIS:

We have a brand new oven, and once again all the world is right.  (Well, at least the part of the world that I can see and control.  That’s enough for now, don’t ya think?) Dom and my Father-in-law installed my new favorite appliance last Thursday (yes, a week ago…I’ve been a little busy…)  Ignore the missing backsplash – that is another matter for another day.  My issue now is that I realized as soon as the oven was plugged in that I didn’t have any food to cook. 

You heard me.  None.

See, three weeks ago when we ripped out the antiquated hunk-o-metal, I had just been to the store where I purchased plenty of food…but it all had to be cooked. And then we ousted the oven, and I was so discombobulated that I just sat there looking at that huge hole in the wall and cooking nothing.  I borrowed a toaster oven from my mom and didn’t even use it.

Let’s face it, as a provider of meals I was completely useless.  Cereal, anyone?

The uselessness continued as my fresh produce and dairy products wilted and expired.  Then Mason was sick, and he was assigned to eat bland home-cooked meals, which eviscerated my small supply of eggs and frozen chicken-and-rice. (Yes, he’s a dog, but he is a lucky dog!)

So with the new oven installed and looking all fine-as-wine, I HAVE NO FOOD TO COOK!!!! Do you know how ridiculous I feel taking a frozen dinner out of the box and actually considering cooking it for 30 minutes in the oven (rather than for 2½ minutes in the microwave) all for the privilege of using my new appliance?!!  I want to cook something delicious and gourmet, but without proper ingredients I find myself boiling water for the heck of it just so I can play with the stovetop.  Is there a support group for someone like me?

I truly feel that all will be better once I go to the store tomorrow.  I have returned to my former habit of planning two weeks’ worth of meals, and with the menu all set and no more mechanical limitations imposed on me, I am ready to roll.  Pans are clanging, recipes are flying, and that new oven is going to get a workout!!

Happy Dance!!!