2 eggs, beaten
Salt and pepper to taste
¼ cup chopped onion and bell pepper combination
2 T vegetable broth
1 T diced mushrooms (I use organic baby bella)
fresh spinach leaves, torn (I use about a handful for each omelet.)
1 T chopped tomato
1 T feta cheese (or to taste)
Sliced Kalamata olives (Totally optional.  Sounds good, in theory, but I can’t vouch for it yet.  I’ll be trying this next time.)

Whisk eggs together with salt and pepper; set aside.

Sauté onion and bell pepper in vegetable broth over medium heat until almost tender, about 7 minutes.  Add mushrooms and tomatoes and sauté 2 more minutes. Place beaten eggs in an omelet pan and begin to cook while the shrooms are sautéing.  Toss the spinach into the vegetables and sauté just another minute more while your eggs begin to cook.  Place all vegetable mixture onto one half-side of the eggs.  Sprinkle some feta cheese on top of the veggies and fold the omelet over.  (Good luck!) Turn the entire omelet over once to make sure it’s cooked all the way.  J

VARIATION: Greek Egg Wrap
Use all the same ingredients, but
when the veggies are almost through sautéing after the addition of the shrooms, toss in the spinach and the egg all together and scramble the whole pan.  Spoon the cooked mixture onto a tortilla, add feta cheese, and roll up like a burrito.  Yum!!