Now that I have my little blog connected to various people through email, and I set posts to automatically post to Facebook, getting the word out about a new post is easy-peasy. But with every good thing in technology, there is the inevitable glitch.

When I said I was “on my way” to a family reunion, I meant literally. I am in the backseat of my dad’s vehicle, typing away on my iPad and posting to my many blogs as we zoom down the road. The iPad has an awesome WordPress app, but because (I think) my blog is on its own domain, when I tried to preview it, the app told me it was not published. I assumed that was because I was operating on AT&T’s Edge network, and I was entirely convinced that just meant I was on THE EDGE OF BEING EFFECTIVE.

Little did I know that all of my attempts to post were, in fact, successful, and now I have flooded inboxes and Facebook walls with no less than seven posts of the same darn message.

Seriously, I think I should rip this pillow out from under the keyboard, prop it up against the window and go to sleep. I would be far more productive that way!

So I apologize for all the bombarding you with my less-than-earth-shattering Day 306 post. I’m deleting stuff right and left over here!