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I literally JUST FINISHED watching an ABC World News report on the dangers of pesticides – known as organophosphates – and their relative impact on children’s IQ.  The main reference was a study done on pregnant women, and then the measured IQs of their children seven years later.

The results: common pesticides impart a significant decrease in child IQ.  The questions posed by the officials interviewed: why is it taking us so long to determine the dangers?

Why, indeed!?

Roger Dietert, an  immunotoxicology professor at Cornell University is quoted as saying, “It seems clear that our current methods and applications for identifying environmental risks posed to critical physiological systems of children are inadequate.”  It is my sincerest hope that his words will be heard.  Our current methods ARE inadequate – in every sense of the word. 

While I am really glad that items like this are making the news, I have to admit that I roused from a half-sleep to find myself pissed off at the “Wow…really?” attitude posed by everyone in the segment.  At the end, the reporter shows the viewers a tip – washing your vegetables with a brush before eating them.  And then he notes that they have listed on ABC’s website the fruits and vegetables you need to be most concerned about. 

I want to curse.  OUT LOUD. 

They could have done so much more with this story.  They could have tied in the benefits of organic produce.  They could have mentioned the Environmental Working Group as a resource for concerned parents.  They could have said, “Oh, by the way, THIS IS NOT REALLY NEW INFORMATION!!!”

But they didn’t do any of those things I would view as educational or beneficial. But geez louise, they ran the story anyway.  At least they did that.  I am frustrated, but I am still grateful.  Spread the word, would ya? If we start talking about this where other parents can hear us, maybe this won’t be considered “breaking news.”