I love this little blogoshpere.  All of you who read and write and post and tweet…I feel like a tiny part of your lives, and you are more than a little part of mine.

Please realize that I don’t stalk my tweeps, but I feel like I know them from their posts and tweets and the parts of their lives that they choose to share.  I often find myself wondering if Alison has tripped over any Legos today (as I have) and if she and Lisa have met up for a stroll.  I think about Jessica and her bedtime ritual with her children.    I wonder what fun Liz will come up with, what awesome recipes Joy will share, and whether Erin’s tooth is causing her any more trouble.  I think about Denise’s deer story in the middle of my workday and laugh out loud all over again.  And I look forward to the tweeps Shell shares through her Blog Friend Feature and the Pour Your Heart Out posts.

I find new tweeps all the time, usually through blog comments.  I’ll while away an hour tracking link after link and winding my way through the blogosphere, following people that spark my interest.  I found Julie because she commented on a post I read.  And when I read her story on her own blog I instantly liked her. She’s a strong Christian woman with a beautiful spirit.  She had a brush with death a few years back and as a result consciously makes the most of every day.

So when I paged through Flipboard last night and saw Julie’s post about fighting and staying positive, I followed the link to her Testify post to see what was up.  There I learned that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

I’ve never met Julie, never seen her, never spoken directly to her.  But the news may as well have been about a family member.  Through tears I read the post and I began to pray for this sweet lady who has dared to share herself with strangers on the Internet and call us friends. 

Julie is graceful and upbeat in her approach to the diagnosis, and I know she’ll keep us posted on her progress.  But I also know, if I may speak for her here, that she would appreciate your prayers.  And I know I can count on you for that. 

Stay purpose-driven, Julie.  You have an army of prayer warriors on your side!