Victoria saw me digging in my compost pile the other day as I was burying some potato peels.  She peered over my shoulder and exclaimed, “Oh my gosh!! Is that turning into DIRT?”

“Yes, sweetie. That’s what compost is: plant and vegetable material that biodegrades and becomes nutritious soil for our growing plants.”

“Wowwwwwww!  That is waaaaaaaay cool!!!”  And then she skipped right back inside, leaving me to wonder how I had been composting for four months and she NOT know what was happening.  Maybe she thought I liked burying food and then playing with it later?  I can only imagine what she told her friends.

The compost pile is working beautifully!!  I actually have dirt in place of kitchen scraps.  And the termites I reported seeing earlier?  Finally gone.  Well, for the most part.  When I turned the pile yesterday I didn’t see any termites, so I guess they got bored and moved on…which is actually probably not a good thing.  Oh dear…

Ahh, but my worms are still enjoying the pile.  They are a huge reason my compost pile is working so well, I know.  I feared that they would abandon me, but I keep giving them plenty of incentives to stick around.  I’m amazed at how fast they work.  We added a whole container of kitchen scraps just last week, and already they are barely recognizable.  This reassures me that my “little” compost pile can survive and succeed.

I have a plastic container at the office now so that I can collect all the coffee grounds from the 7+ pots of coffee we make per day.  The coffee grounds are going all in my flower beds and in my compost pile too.  They add acid to the soil, and the herbs LOVE them.  Last year my basil grew by leaps and bounds on a diet of coffee grounds.  This year I’m sharing the grounds with ALL my plants. 

Lord, I just hope my new gardenias like coffee!