My friend Alison over at The Secret Life of a Warrior Woman has compiled a weight-loss guide that is fully downloadable FOR FREE.

For reals.

When I read her post introducing the guide her words resonated with me so strongly.  She talks about the power of food — the power it has to control our moods, our body function and – of course – our weight.

People: read this.  Alison is so on-target with this subject.  She has some great advice for taking it slow and deliberate, and she makes it actually do-able.  This is the stuff we think about but never really formulate a plan for.  Well, now there’s a plan.

When I started changing all of our personal care products and our food ingredients to exclude harmful chemicals I noticed an increase in my own weight loss.  I had been trying
(half-heartedly) for years to rid myself of the last 20-or-so pounds of baby fat.  (Some years it was 15, some years it was 22…my point here being that it was unwanted.) I began by counting calories and increasing fiber – a difficult combination in and of itself.  ThankTheGoodLord it was Lent and there were less sweets hanging around my office!  I found myself slowly starting to lose the weight, and that encouraged me to stay dedicated.

But then summer hit and I plateaued with 5 pounds to go.  I was stuck like Chuck.  And I was not happy about it!

Then came all this ADHD worry and my research began with a focus on dietary changes.  Chemicals.  Rascally, rotten chemicals were everywhere.  I couldn’t read about their
potential effects without becoming enraged.  I read and researched and started a blog. And I nixed just about every manufactured chemical that came across my path and my pantry.

And in the midst of removing the chemicals from my shampoos, soaps, makeup, lotions, foods, snacks, laundry detergent and beverages I lost my final five pounds PLUS an additional three.  My pants were falling off of me but I did not care! I had found a problem and eliminated it to the absolute best of my ability in my own home.

I have so many reasons for eliminating the chemicals and encouraging you to do the same.  Weight loss is just one of the awesome benefits.  I greatly appreciate Alison for echoing what I have been thinking for almost a year now.

Make a purpose-driven choice for better health.  Check out her guide.  You won’t be sorry.