I wasn’t planning on posting anything tonight, but I got home to water my garden and LOOK!  We have a squash!  Granted, it’s a harvest of ONE so far, but there are more on the vine.  This one just plumped up so fast, it surprised me.  It’s about 7″ long, so I decided to pluck it from the plant.

First harvest. Small, but significant nonetheless.

I don’t quite understand what the braille-looking bumps are on the neck, but I’ll research that to make sure it’s a healthy squash.  When I walked inside with it tonight, Aaron looked puzzled and asked, “Where’d you get that?”  I replied that it came from the garden, and he exclaimed, “You grew your very own organic squash!  Mommy, that’s great!!”

I’ll bet my paycheck he won’t even taste it.  That’s alright…more for me.  😉