I’m sitting outside on my new swing this morning soaking up some much-needed morning me-time and catching up on all the blogs I subscribe to but haven’t had time to read in over a week. We have plans to go to the lake later today, and I somehow convinced my offspring to gather the laundry and clean the kitchen while I retreated to the backyard with my iPad. I was mid-way through commenting on Rotten Mom’s post when Vic appeared at my side.

“Mommy, I’m hungry.”

I recalled seeing eggshells and an omelet pan in the kitchen sink this morning, so I assumed everyone had eaten by the time I dragged my half-awake self downstairs.

“So, what do you want to eat?”

“Can we go to Whataburger?”

“NO, we can NOT. What else will you eat?”

It’s important to note here that I have been wanting French Toast since dinnertime on Thursday. I can’t get anyone else to buy into the idea. What gives? But I sensed an opportunity here with Vic, so I asked, “Ya want French Toast? ‘Cause that’s the only thing I feel like cooking.”

“No. I don’t want French Toast. I want Whataburger.”

“I’m not going to Whataburger. Talk to your daddy. I’m reading.” And with that I resumed my spot in my blog comment.

Mabel walked up and disturbed our smooth swinging with a body-block to the seat cushion. Grrrrr.

“When are you going to the store again?”

[pause blog comment thought process] “Wednesday.”

“Will you buy some more popcorn?”

“As long as you put it on my grocery list.”

“Can we have waffles for breakfast?”

The thought of blending my own batter and fighting with my waffle iron made me abruptly say no.

Sweet silence. Back to my comment…

“Man, mommy, these shoes ARE comfortable!” (She’s donning my new gel-bottom flip flops.)

[busily typing] “Mmmm hmmmmm.”

“Do you like shoes that go between your toes?”

[pause blog comment thought process…again] “No, I don’t.”

More silence? 3…2…1…Ahhhhh, yes. Back to my thoughts.

“But you like these shoes.”

[exasperated sigh] “Yes, baby, I like them.”

“What are you doing?”

“I’m catching up on the things I like to read. Do you have something you’d like to read?”

“Nope. I’m hungry. I’m going inside. Put BBQ chips on your grocery list too.”

She walked away, probably wishing she was anyone else’s kid today. And then I read another of Rotten Mom’s posts where she described her children’s many summer plans that don’t include her, and I realized that I will be in the same boat in a few short years.

I think I’ll go make some waffles with my daughter.