Back when Mason, our adorable first-born fluffy Yellow Lab, was about 5-6 years old he developed a food allergy.  His poor little nose would itch terribly and he would rub it on any furniture he could find – scratching it until he made it bleed.  The poor fella had sores on his nose for months on end.  We tried all kinds of dog foods…from Venison and Potato prescription canned dog food sold by our vet (which nearly broke the bank) to finally a wheat-, grain-, and by-product-free dry food sold by PetSmart, called Nature’s Recipe.  Mason really liked Nature’s Recipe, and it came in a Senior formula for when we aged (he’s 11 now, and symptom-free).

When I began to track positive healthy changes in our home I noticed Mabel, our much-younger, mischievous Black Lab, was a little, um, round.  Mabel had plumped up not only from the extra calories I was feeding her, but also from eating whatever she saw.  (I seriously considered linking some examples here, but as you likely are aware of her latest antics involving my tube of all-natural sunscreen, there are far too many examples of the stuff Mabel eats!!)  I cut back on Mabel’s calories, and later switched her to a more natural food.  Mabel doesn’t have the allergy issues Mason has, but her dog food is about the same price.  Combine this with the fact that we are still going to traffic-jammed Youree Drive (aptly called “Little Dallas” by some of my co-workers) for Mason’s food, and my desire to provide organic meals for my family, and suddenly I find myself looking up recipes for dog food on the Internet.

You heard me.

I am considering making meals for my dogs – actually cooking, storing and serving home-cooked meals for the pooches I love.

In my next life I want to come back as one of MY dogs!!!

I have to learn about nutritional needs of my particular furry children before I can settle on any recipes.  It is a matter I will  investigate thoroughly, and if I find any high-quality recipes that satisfy puppy palettes, I will certainly post them…you know, just in case any of you are neurotic pet owners too.

(p.s. I refuse to cook for the bunnies.  They are vegetarians, and they already get my organic carrots!! Plus, as payment for such pampered treatment I require serious fur-snuggle time, and our bunnies just aren’t snugglers.  Their loss.)