If you haven’t seen it lately, the Cosmetics Safety Database got an upgrade!  I can’t wait to tell you all about it, but that post isn’t ready yet.  The Cosmetics Database is the first place I go to see if the products I’m considering are worthy of touching my skin.  Sadly, many of them are not.

For instance, remember when I told you all about my new sunless tanner that contained organic oils and a pleasant smell, and I was so pumped up about using it?  Well, it finally made its way into the database.  Overall, the Lavera Sunless Tanner scores a “5,” which is a moderate risk level indicator for toxic ingredients. Some of those toxic ingredients could lead to cancer and developmental/reproductive toxicity.  As far as I am concerned, that is So. Not. Cool.

I had to do a fair amount of investigating, but I finally found  Nature’s Gate Sunless Tanner, which I am happy with and which scores a slightly lower “4” in the database, which is still a moderate risk level, but includes no carcinogenic or developmental/reproductive toxins.  Fragrance is its worst offender, and while I am trying to oust fragrance from my products, the sunless tanner options are so limited that I will suck it up and allow fragrance in this one.

I first read a good review of the Nature’s Gate tanner here, and then I bought a tube and tried it myself.  I love it.  It really does take 12-24 hours for the color to show, but it’s not drastic or orange, and it fills in tan-lines nicely without looking made-up or piled-on.  For the win, my legs no longer reflect the sun as if to suggest that I moonlight on the set of True Blood.

And are you ready for the cartwheel of cosmetic news?…It’s A THIRD the price of the one I was using!!! ($7 on Amazon)

[Happy Snoopy Dance in full progress]

I may still try other self-tanners in the interest of a lower risk rating, but for now I am content with what I have found.  I think I’ll go shopping for shorts now.  🙂