Victoria and I want to go on record as whole-heartedly endorsing Piggy Paint, the best-ever “natural as mud” nail polish.   (I feel the need to state here that she and I were not asked to review this product and we are certainly not being paid to do so.  We have no ties to Piggy Paint other than being fully satisfied customers  who just want to share the love.)

I first heard of Piggy Paint when Mrs. Bachelor Girl sent me a link from her Google Reader.  (Thanks, Kel!)  I  investigated them, followed them on Twitter and Facebook, placed an order and fell in love.

THIS is some rockin’ nail polish!  I had tried one other natural nail polish, and while I liked it enough to keep using it, it wasn’t a perfect fit.  For one, it chipped rather quickly.  For the second strike, the specially  formulated nail polish remover took FOR.EV.ER. to remove the polish.  I was willing to keep it up in the interest of avoiding the harsh chemicals found in mainstream brands, but I had a long way to go to get to the completely satisfied department.

Enter Piggy Paint.  We first bought Dragon Tears (lime green) and Sleepover (black).  No traditional colors for us Mainiero chicks, that’s for sure!  I slapped the green on my toes and Vic styled herself up with the black polish, and we were good to go.

Since the nail polish has earned my Official Stamp of Approval, Vic now has a color wish list that could rival any movie buff’s Netflix queue.   This week I placed another order for the Piggy Paint remover and the Little Miss Firecracker set (red, white and blue polishes in honor of the recent holiday).  They arrived in Friday’s mail.  Victoria was ecstatic!!  So after dinner I pattern-painted her nails and then tonight she graciously painted mine.  Here is the result.

If you decide to try Piggy Paint yourself (and I strongly encourage you to do so!) you’ll want to follow the instructions about using the hairdryer.  That’s the only difference in application from traditional nail polish. Because Piggy Paint doesn’t have the harsh chemicals in it, it needs heat in order to “cure” and develop its chip-resistance.  A hairdryer’s warm air on low setting for 1-2 minutes will set the paint nicely and help your manicure last.

A word about the remover: like the polish, it does not contain the harsh toxic chemicals that mainstream nail polish removers contain.  So you will not be able to make two swipes and remove four coats of polish in the blink of an eye.  It will take a little time and elbow grease, especially if you have cured it with a hairdryer.  But knowing you are using a safer product with no icky, obnoxious smell will make it all worthwhile.

I saw recently that Piggy Paint is now also making Puppy Paint for all those frou-frou Fidos.  I’m sure Mabel, our very own ooh-la-lab, will want in on this girly-girl fun.  I’m thinking Call of the Wild (hot pink) may become her signature color!!