Around our home, we are iPoor.  Much to my insane pleasure, the Hubster spoils me with gadgets.  And we have made sure to indoctrinate our children on the practice and proper use of such devices, since techno-gadgetry will inevitably be a part of their lives as they grow into (hopefully) responsible adults.   Between the four of us we have nine (yes, NINE) iThings, eight of which can utilize the same charging device.

Save one.

My iPad requires a more macho charger.  If you too have iThings, you may know that the iPad requires 10 watts, where the iPod and iPhone only require 5.  The standard charger that comes with the latter two are the 5-watt variety, which means we have eight Apple-certified chargers, PLUS Santa made sure that EVERYONE’S alarm clock is also a charging station.

Technical sidenote: In researching this difference, I see that many people disagree on whether the iPhone charger can charge the iPad.  Kudos to those who say their iPads charge just fine, albeit more slowly, on the 5-watt charger.  Howevah, MINE DOES NOT.  Don’t know why…don’t care.  I just know that it doesn’t work, regardless of what any Apple Guru tries to tell me.  Believe me…I WISH it worked!

MY POINT HERE IS: Of the twelve potential locations and devices available with which to charge an iPod or iPhone in our home, WHY DOES EVERYONE INSIST ON USING MY iPAD CHARGER, when without it my iPad is KA-PUT??!!!!

Two nights ago I was cleaning the kitchen at the end of the evening when I opened “the charger drawer” (yes, you heard me…we have a whole drawer for these things!) to retrieve my iPad charger.  No dice.  I glanced to the countertop where the Hubster likes to connect his phone.  Nothing. I glanced to the kitchen table where the kids tend to leave piles of their day’s treasures.  Nada. I walked into the den where Victoria is known to UNPLUG our home telephone in order to free up an outlet for a charger so she can continue playing a game on a dying iPod.  Neh-eh.

I have asked repeatedly (I have threatened more than once) for everyone to please leave the iPad charger in the drawer so that I can use it for the ONE DEVICE that MUST HAVE IT whenever its battery is low.  I don’t mind them using the 10-watt charger, but ONLY in the kitchen so that I can readily see if it is in use.  For the life of me I don’t understand why this is so hard for everyone to grasp.

So where did I eventually find my iPad charger the next day?  Laying on the office desk.  SIX INCHES from another data cable which is already attached to the computer and just waiting for a device to come along and plug up.


If you have any suggestions for me that don’t include labeling the charger, screaming selfishly or hiding it in my bra (‘cause I’ve already done these things…well, almost…that last one is still tempting), please feel free to share your ideas. Before I hurt someone.