In case you couldn’t tell, I love anniversaries, milestones, and special celebrations.  So I was super-pumped when I checked my email this morning and read that today is the FIRST BIRTHDAY of The Story of Cosmetics.  You may recall that I featured the video on this blog a mere 364 days ago.

Here is the email message I received:

One year ago today we released The Story of Cosmetics to build support for national legislation to regulate personal care product ingredients.

For years, the multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry had been largely left alone to decide what was safe to put in their products. You know, things like lead in lipstick, neurotoxins in body spray and carcinogens in baby wash.

Now, one year later our partners at the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics are making significant progress.

One big reason the Campaign is more hopeful than ever about our chances for getting this serious public health threat addressed is the increasing support for reform coming from this country’s community of small personal care product companies.

We’ve posted a blog today about the incredible work the Campaign has done to incorporate the concerns of this community-among the best actors in the market already-into the newly introduced Safe Cosmetics Act of 2011.

This groundbreaking bill would eliminate the most harmful chemicals from cosmetics (as Europe already does!), and ensure that personal care products are reviewed for safety before they end up on store shelves.

If that sounds reasonable to you, why not help us celebrate The Story of Cosmetics’ first birthday by sharing The Story of Cosmetics with your friends and family and then letting your elected officials know that you support the Safe Cosmetics Act.

You can watch and share the movie on our site. Let’s get that viewcount up to 1 million!

Then make sure to visit the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics site to send a message to Congress.

Thanks for your support and for all you do to make this a better world.


Annie, Michael, Allison, Christina and Renee
The Story of Stuff Project Team

So, why is the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2011 so dog-gone important?  Well, I learned in the blog post that is mentioned and linked above that the current law governing cosmetics was last updated in 1938.  NINETEEN THIRTY-EIGHT, people!! My grandmother was younger then than Victoria is now!!  The current law basically says the cosmetic companies do not have to test their products for safety, and they don’t have to tell us all the ingredients. (That’s one of the reasons the ingredient “fragrance” is so dangerous…it can be a combination of literally dozens of harmful chemicals and no one is required to disclose those chemicals!)  As the post states, “[The FDA] can’t even require product recalls—as we recently learned when a popular hair straightener, called the Brazilian Blowout, was found to contain dangerous levels of formaldehyde.” 

It is my sincerest hope that this message will spread to consumers everywhere, and that everyone will begin to read and understand labels…and cast those increasingly-important votes at the checkout in favor of safer products.  

What a wonderful reason to celebrate!