Last Thursday night I had the privilege of sharing my story with ladies at my church, the St. Frances of Rome Circle.  I planned to talk for just ten minutes and prayed that no one would doze off in the interim.  My co-presenter, Kim (my partner-in-crime on Two Converts Blogging), first shared Pope Benedict XVI’s Ten Commandments for the Environment, which put everyone in the proper frame of mind with regard to stewardship of our natural resources and its effect on life around us.  As Kim pointed out, we believe that we were given dominion over the earth and with that gift comes a great responsibility to care for it.

Then Kim turned it over to me to offer a mom’s perspective, since I have devoted the past fifteen months to making serious changes in our home for the betterment of ourselves and (hopefully) our planet.  I shared my story pretty much as I have shared it here, talking about food ingredients and cosmetic safety, medications and meal plans.

Their interest astounded me.

They all listened intently as I hit the highlights, then they asked questions that brought the issues into clearer focus.  Their open-mindedness told me that 1) I’m not crazy, 2) people DO care about the same things I care about, and 3) I have to do A LOT more sharing!!  I answered questions for about 30 minutes.  Questions like, “Have you noticed a difference in your healthcare costs?” “What do your kids eat for lunch?” “Do your kids know how to read labels?” and the most important question, “Where do we start if we want to make changes?”

My head was spinning!  I truly expected to share my story and then have everyone smile politely with looks that betrays a single thought: This lady is off her rocker!  Of course, I should have known better.  These are energetic ladies who work hard at their jobs and then give even more of themselves to serve in various capacities in their church and community.  They are open, honest and genuine.  And if they really did think I was a fruit loop, it wouldn’t have only been evident in their eyes…they would have told me straight to my face!  😉

Since I know several of my circle sisters read this blog, I want to thank you each for your interest, your graciousness, and your questions.  You have given me much to think about with regard to more effectively spreading the word, and even more reason to love each of you.

One of the first things I am going to add to this site is a list of all the food and products that I have changed over the last almost-year-and-a-half as a resource for the things that I have researched and decided to purchase.  It will be its own page called “Product Changes” and will get frequent updates as I move toward healthier choices in my own home.  I hope that in the process it is helpful to you too.