It is finally up!!  The page I promised nearly a month ago that was to outline all the product and food changes that I have specifically made in my home is finally posted.  It is labeled Product Changes in the menu bar, and will remain a work in progress as I change and settle on better things for my family.    The list was a labor of love, believe me.  And there is still much that I probably didn’t even think to put on the list.  But it’s up now, for better or for worse.

One of the reasons I am so delayed in posting the list is that I have been immersed in a book – and NOT the audio kind, for once!  Kim had an extra copy of The Help, and I am two-thirds of the way through it.  I saw the movie before I got the book, and I’m glad because I can hear the characters’ voices in my head as I read and I think that helps me with the dialect.  But I find, too, that even away from the book I think in Aibileen’s voice.  (As in, “Law, I shore am into this book!” and “Those chilluns better like this dinner I’m a cookin’” and “You is a good puppy. You is a smart puppy.  But you is gettin’ yella dawg hair on my black skirt, and Law knows that ain’t right!”)

I’m taking mom to see the movie one day this week and then we will head out to harass some car salesmen with a three-page list of amenities I EXPECT to have on my next vehicle…for a price I like!

Law, give those po’ men the strength they gone need to deal with me!