I’m in a funk today.  Can’t seem to shake it.  Not with comfort food.  Not with drawstring pajama pants.  Not even with Starbucks.  The earth has tilted off its axis, folks, when caramel-flavored coffee can’t cheer me up.

Enter Stonyfield.  There in my inbox tonight sat a tiny little email from them asking me to take a survey on a new yogurt idea they are considering.  What else have I got to do tonight, right?  So I take the survey and humbly ask them at the end in the comments to please see about marketing more yogurt variety to my area.

And heck, since I’m on Stonyfield’s site anyway, I may as well enter all these myStonyfield Rewards codes I have saved up from yogurt cartons we have used.  So I log in and begin to enter my codes.  And that’s when I see a new reward…a very inexpensive reward (I mean, besides being free, it only cost me 10 of my 89 points!!!!)  A one year subscription to Organic Gardening.  Thank goodness I didn’t buy that in Aaron’s school fundraiser!!!!!

Now, let’s talk about my magazine issues.  No, not the actual paper issues, but the intense disdain I have for magazines in general.  My issues…as in, in my head issues.  Now you’re with me…

You’ve probably seen me mention that I enjoy and pay for two magazines: Southern Living and Health.  Let’s face it, Southern Living would practically have to start bad-mouthing Mom and apple pie for me to stop loving that mag.  Recipes, gardening advice, decorating tips that I will never follow in a million years but still love to drool over…that’s my quiet slice of heaven – with coffee – (when I’m not as moody as I am today.)  😉

I always liked Health, too.  So much so that I order gift subscriptions for my mom and best friend.  There are some great articles and good advice in each issue.

My problem with magazines is that I am increasingly aware of product advertising.  And, as a natural result, I am aware of all the harmful ingredients being marketed to unsuspecting women, not to mention the subliminal messages that we all have to look a certain way, with perfect skin, hair and nails – which can all be ours if we just buy these products.  Ugh.

When Aaron’s school kicked off their fundraiser earlier this month, I rolled my eyes.  Magazine sales.  Of all things. It took a week before I finally perused the selections in hopes of somehow showing my half-hearted support of this fundraiser.  I found two magazines that interested me:  Whole Living and Organic Gardening.  I figured these two had much smaller chances of aggravating me with product advertisements for things I consider unhealthy.  I chose Whole Living only because it was $2 cheaper than Organic Gardening.   And now, thanks to Stonyfield and their reward points system, I get a year of Organic Gardening for free.  How cool is that?!!!

These mags better have some cool stuff for me to share with you all, or their editors will hear from me.  We need more organic, healthy living, you’re-not-alone-in-the-world-trying-to-keep-your-family-healthy periodicals, ya know?  If I knew a single thing about the magazine business I’d start my own.  For now, I’ll just have to hope my favorite yogurt keeps steering me toward good information and new sources.