Well, I kept wondering what in the world I was going to do with this site.  I guess this idea is as good as any.


My husband and I are planning to build a house.  This will be the second house we will have purchased, and we are quite certain it will be the last.  We do not want an extravagant home, but there are several amenities we will include if they are affordable.  We have a square footage limit of 2500 sf, just because I really don’t want to be responsible for cleaning anything larger.  We have a 2500 sf home now, and with four humans, two dogs, two rabbits and one fish tank, we can create a fair amount of clutter.  All critters will be moving with us to the new house, which will be situated next door to my in-laws.


About the in-laws: yes, I can really do this.  Fourteen years ago when we were gifted the next-door property, I was unsure I wanted to start raising my family right under their watchful eye.  But they are top-notch in-laws, in that they truly stay out of our business unless invited and kindly expect the same in return.  Easy enough.  Now that the kids are pre-teen and our parents are aging, I feel a sense of peaceful responsibility in the idea of being next door to them.


I made the first phone call this week to a person with building experience and know-how.  Dom and I will next meet with him and the draftsman that he uses and trusts.  From there the draftsman will sit down with us and our paper-napkin drawings and hopefully bring our plans to life, or at the very least, blueprint paper.


For the purposes of sharing the process with you, the reader, I will likely use first names when referring to the people hired to help this process along, but I do not plan to give details of the professional people involved, out of respect for their privacy.  I WILL, however, state the names of any professionals with whom I am fully satisfied and who give me their express permission.  I will not call by name any professionals with whom I am not satisfied.  My mission here is neither to build up nor tear down local professionals with my blog.  My mission is simply to write about the experience.


I also do not plan to divulge costs here, as I find the overt mentioning of the price tag of one’s home to be ill-mannered.  If I share cost information at all, it will likely be in the form of percentages or standard supply cost-per-unit.  This blog will detail the experience of building and share the progress along the way, and – more than anything – provide for me a much-needed outlet for my stress and overbearing supervision of what I’m sure will feel like the birth of another child.


I have been told that building a house can destroy a marriage.  I do not take that lightly.  I have asked and re-asked my hubby if he thinks we are ready for this stress, just to be sure neither of us enters blindly into dangerous territory.  Quite honestly, we feel prepared and secure enough in each other to embark on this journey.  And we plan to pray A LOT, for I believe that being spiritually in tune with each other and our purpose can only help a stressful situation.


So, as my three-ring binder of ideas and plans quickly fills up, let’s see what this journey unfolds…