In a bout of ragged wits-endedness, I flopped down with my Google Reader to try to catch up on everyone I have missed for the past, oh-I-don’t-know, five weeks?  (Who’s counting?)  I didn’t realize how absolutely defeated I felt until I pulled myself away from dishes and laundry and cheer-challenged family members and sank into my iPad for the first time in Way Too Long.

Not too far into my Reader I saw Shell’s post titled Hey, It’s Okay, so I checked in on her world.  I like checking in with Shell.  She brings perspective to me far more than she knows.  And she offered Airing My Dirty Laundry’s linky-loo opportunity (I’m so bad with the internet terms!) to share my own “Hey, It’s Okay” post.

So I am.  Right now.   These are things that have turned me on my ear in the last seven days.  Things I’m dealing with.  It’s all good.  I am woman.  Hear me roar.

Hey, it’s okay…

To serve canned tomato soup and boxed mac-n-cheese for dinner.

To make your child do his science fair project on his own.  And it’s also okay if said project looks like he did it All. By. Himself.

To use your car’s seat heater in 60-degree weather.  Just because you CAN!!

To tell your son that you won’t tuck him in or kiss him goodnight until he clears his floor of all the Legos so that you don’t sprain an ankle tripping over a plastic Hogwarts.

It’s also okay if your son merely scoops all the Legos to one side of the room, clearing you a runway of sorts to his bed.

If you haven’t finished (or started) the book you want to write.

If your grandmother announces in shock when she sees you on Thanksgiving that “You’re a redhead!” even if you have had black hair all your life until your four-year romance with permanent hair dyes.  And it is also perfectly okay if you immediately return home to dye your hair black again, and wear solid black to work the next day in order to detract from the hair.  Your coworkers will keep mum because they know what is good for them.

To secretly long for payday so you can buy that holiday bottle of Bailey’s Irish Crème.  The same bottle you plan to drink without sharing.

If you make a muffaletta cheese ball that suffices by itself as two of your lunches.  Whatevs.

If you set out your Christmas tree and your Advent wreath on the same day.

If you check your daughter out at 1pm on a Monday because she’s “sick” even if you aren’t entirely convinced that she is, in fact, sick.  Sometimes we just need to be taken away from the stress.

If, after rolling your eyes, you realize that – holy crap! – your daughter might actually be sick, what with all that coughing she’s been doing since 1pm.

If you’ve committed yourself to saccharin-free, dye-free, preservative-free homeopathic medicines, only to go running to the pharmacy for Children’s Motrin and Delsym when fever and coughs put up a bigger fight than you expected.  Do what works and let it go.

If you buy everyone gift cards for Christmas.  Better yet, buy them all at Kroger when you run in for a pint of Ben & Jerry’s! (makin’ a list…checkin’ it twice…)

If you can’t hold out on seeing the new Twilight movie just because you haven’t been able to get the book from the library yet.

If you want to take two vacation days so you can have your own Twilight marathon for the sole purpose of comparing the significant differences between the books and the movies.  (Not sayin’ I’m gonna…just, you know…to each his own.)

If your now-public food-and-habit chemical-free lifestyle change that so rocked your world is considered by acquaintances as your “special diet” and they wonder ALOUD if you are “still on it.”

If you move bunny rabbits from the warmth of your only empty bedroom to the starkness of the garage.  They really don’t care.  You’ll actually be happier.  And your carpet will be cleaner.

If your vegetable garden looks like crap at the end of November but still manages to produce veggies.  We call that Lagniappe.

If iTunes is acting wonky.  Another update is just around the corner.

If you don’t take out ALL the Christmas decorations this year, knowing what a pain it is to repack everything in January. Set out only that which you truly enjoy.  It’s cool.

Hey, it really IS okay.  Thanks.  I feel better.  😉