Saturday we acquired our third drawing of the home. Hopefully, the fourth drawing will be “the one.” Am I building my dream home? No. But I will be able to dream in it. That’s enough for me.

We are already well over the square footage limit we had set for ourselves, and that means more everything – lumber, sheetrock, brick, cement, paint…cost. So as we watch the plan grow, we find ourselves weighing absolutes in order to save on space.

My dream home would probably be between 4,000 and 5,000 square feet, mostly filled with closets and nooks. This ain’t that house. First, I can’t afford my dream home. I can’t afford the cleaning crew I would need to maintain my dream home. It is what it is.

This house will have several things that I find comfortable, and will lack a few things that I find comfortable. Three things are certain – it will be better than what I have now, it will be mine, and I will love it.