I’m a nerd. I’m blogging about my home building, so you probably already had me pegged as a nerd. If you follow this process for long, you will soon be rolling your eyes and wondering how in the world I hold a steady job. Just like Dom rolled his eyes at me the other day when I made little model drawings of my furniture and placed them all over my floor plan to make sure we had enough room for the individual pieces.

“What in the…? Oh my God, you’re not really doing that, are you?” he asked me in disbelief.

“Does it look like I’m really doing this?”

“You’re…you’re drawing and cutting out our furniture?”

“Each piece is drawn to scale, too. Cool, huh?”

“Whatever makes you happy, I guess. Geez!”

“Say what you will. I don’t want to get into our brand new house and find out I don’t have room for the ottoman that goes with that chair.”

“The ottoman you just measured while my feet were propped up on it?”

“Yes, that would be the one. See how nicely it fits in front of the fireplace? Your tootsies can stay warm.” I smiled sweetly and pointed to the newly-furnished floor plan.

“Jeeesus,” he sighed.

It never takes too long for Mabel, our rambunctious black Lab, to become interested in whatever I’m doing. Even if I can’t hold her interest, she is at least going to investigate until she is satisfied that my life is more boring than hers before she returns to her nap on the good sofa.

So there she was, sniffing around the coffee table where I had the new home rolled out in all its glory, complete with my little color-coded furniture cut outs neatly arranged in the appropriate rooms. She huffed once and the furniture moved. Her eyebrow raised and she huffed again. At the same time, I flew toward the floor plan to keep the tiny paper pieces from blowing all over the place. Note to self: Mabel’s huffing and my flying do not a calm atmosphere make.

Almost in slow motion, the paper bar, representing the actual bar full of the liquor I would soon consume in exasperation, skittered upward like a confused snowflake and tumbled gently down within Mabel’s gaze. Her mouth opened slightly, and faster than a Louisiana alligator she gobbled the bar – right out of thin air.

“Mabel, dammit!!!! You ate the bar!!”

I heard a snigger from the Hubster, who kept his gaze focused on the television. “Why don’t you just draw another one?” he asked, without looking my direction.

I glared at them both, called him a name, called Mabel worse, and rolled up my floor plan.

Fast forward six weeks. We were at our builder’s house talking about the plans in their present stage when I asked about putting electrical outlets in the floor of the family room.

“Sure, but our placement has to be precise,” he said. “I need you to mark exactly where you want them, considering where your furniture will be. I suggest you measure all your furniture and…”

I beamed with excitement while Dom groaned. “I have all my pieces already drawn to scale and color coded. Dom thought I was crazy for it. But, it’s a good idea, right?!!”

“It really is! You have to do that – everyone does. It’s the only way to really know where everything is going to fit, and we need that in order to make sure the plugs are in the right place.”

So now I do have to draw another bar. Such sweet justification.