I wouldn’t go back to my pre-teen years if you paid me!! Vic is struggling with some typical issues surrounding girls, backstabbing and (gulp!) boyfriends. I was agreeing with Aaron recently as he observed that she is TOO YOUNG to be dealing with such matters, when I remembered my first boyfriend. Michael in fourth grade.

Michael first wrote me an anonymous love note. Days later, a second note asked if I wanted to “go with him.” Sure thing, dude.

Over the next ten days I think we said “Hi” about eight times. That was the gist of our whirlwind romance. A third note asked if I wanted to break up. It seems another fourth grade girl had caught his attention.

C’est la vie.

To be fair, Vic’s current girl-crisis has nothing to do with any boyfriend of her own, who for the moment seems to be nonexistent (thank you, GOD!!). But the drama of the females is enough to make any mother pull her hair out. At first it seemed that a boy was at the center of the drama, but essentially, the heart of the matter is choice. The choice to devote attention to one person and not the other. The choice to be mad about not being the chosen devotee. The choice to tell your friends that they are hurting each other. The choice to perpetuate negative energy. The choice to walk away from it all until everybody else catches a freaking clue.

The only choice Vic doesn’t have is that of exercising my years of experience in dealing with drama. I wish like everything that I could just transfer directly into her what tiny bit of wisdom I have for the situation. But, like the rest of us, she has to gain the wisdom from her own experience. I’m just the voice in the background, and the shoulder to cry on when she gets home.