Today begins the liturgical season of Lent for many religious denominations.  In my Catholic household, dinner table talk centered last night around what each of us is willing to “give up” in observance of the sacrificial season.  Among the suggestions, my wisenheimer kids offered to release their hold on such things as “homework,” “messing up [my] room,” and even “Mabel!”

Har, har, har.

Finally…and I might have sort of, um, maybe, well, suggested it…it was decided that the males would give up donuts.   We make considerably frequent visits to Southern Maid, so it’s a pretty fair sacrifice.

Vic decided to give up talking on the house phone.  It will take half of Lent to spread the word to her friends, but, like the donuts, is ultimately worth it in my opinion.  Even if I get only one week at the end of Lent without the house phone ringing off the wall at hours well past my own children’s bedtime, it will be sooooo worth it.

And then came the magic question:  “Mom, what are you giving up for Lent?”  Ugh.  Here goes.  Once I verbalize this thought, there is no going back.  Should I? Do I dare utter it aloud?…

“Snoozing my alarm clock, and…oh dear…Starbucks.”

Shocked and horrified gasps echoed off of our freshly painted and still bare walls.  I know, right??

To be fair, at the start of the last three Lenten seasons I have considered this option, and casually convinced myself that sacrificing coffee (of all things!) was really not the point.  Unnecessary.  I mean, I don’t live at Starbucks, after all.  I’m there once, maybe twice, a week.  Okay, okay…sometimes three times a week.  (Sheesh!  Let it rest, will ya?)

And so, in light of this confession and the fact that this year I will focus on the sacrifice of something I really and truly enjoy rather than trying to avoid sacrificing by swearing that I’ll pull extra duty on some chore I detest, here goes.  The anchor is dropped.  I will buoy here in my Starbucks-barren waters for the next forty days.  Wish me luck.

Dear Lord, please please please let Starbucks be open on Easter Sunday.  Amen.