As I have mentioned, we are preparing to sell our home, so I am painting like a mad woman.  Mad, I say.  Stark raving.  To the point that if Mason falls asleep too near me, he may wake up with a newly sanded, textured and painted tail.  Stuff like that happens at my house.  I’m just sayin’…

Yesterday I had a SuperWoman lunch hour, which turned out to be actually two hours.  During said lunch break, I did my grocery shopping and flew home to stock the pantry and fridge.  Knowing Mom would be visiting this morning to help me with painting, I decided to get a jump start on today’s project and spray a texture onto the bathroom walls I had recently bared.  Yes…me…on my lunch hour…spraying a can of oil-based wall texture.

I am not, as one might say, the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

Five minutes and three sneezes later, the can was empty, my eyes were burning and my dress clothes were speckled.  I brushed at my clothing and my hair and ran to wash my hands, which looked like I had been in a marshmallow food fight.

Those of you who are smarter than I am already know that water will not clean oil-based paint products off of your skin.  I finally caught on, thankyouverymuch.

I read the can and learned that the suggested cleaning agent is paint thinner.  On my skin?  AS IF!!  So I reasoned to myself: if water cleans water-based paint, then oil should clean oil-based paint.  Makes sense, right?  You bet your boots it does! I reached for a bottle of almond oil, put about two drops onto my hands and began to rub it in to the white paint residue I was wearing.  And voila!! That almond oil gave new meaning to the phrase “gone in sixty seconds.”  It worked like a dream, and my hands were moisturized too.

I had to share that with you – just in case you ever need to use oil-based paints on your lunch hour.  😉