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Just when I was about to give up on everything floral, and was outside whacking away on the bloomless bulbs that had limped over the side of my flower bed, I noticed this: the first bloom of my gladiolas.  They are a deep burgundy red, and would have been striking against the orange impatiens and green boxwoods that are somehow surviving my neglect.  If more than one gladiola would bloom, that is…

Every blooming year (pardon the pun) my bulbs produce mass amounts of greenery, but seldom any flowers.  My tulips, daylilies and glads spend the springtime clothed in only their leaves.  My hyacinth blooms early, and then the bare leaves lay down and sprawl about as if someone stampeded across my beds.  Today I ventured outside to trim away the leaves that held no promise for the rest of the season, when I noticed the gladiola blooms barely peeking out to say hi.

The Galds have arrived…better late than never…

It’s gonna look stupid with this one stalk of glads hanging out in my flowerbed, but oh well.  I’m so giddy over the darn thing producing flowers that I can’t bear to cut it down before its prime.

Happy Spring.