So, yeah, our builder has the same name as my husband, which has made for some verrrrrry interesting conversations lately. Everyone calls my husband “Dom,” which is fine for everyone else, but I have always called him Dominic. Until now. Now I am having to call him Dom in order to identify him separately from Dominick, our builder. And people are having to get used to me meaning the builder when I now say “Dominick.” Maybe I’ll start identifying the builder by “Dominick with a ‘K.’” Clear as mud, don’t ya think?

Anyhoo, I am greatly impressed by the builder Dominick, and wouldn’t trade him for any other builder with any other name. When we were shopping for the various items with which to build our house, every single sales person that we spoke with looked us directly in the eye and said something along the lines of, “You are lucky to have him on your side!” or, “Dominick will fight for you on everything! You’ll be really glad to have him as your builder.” He is so highly regarded by the people with whom he does business that I have been reassured at every step that we have a great builder.

Besides, the only other Dominic I know is a hell of a stand-up guy. Must be something about the name. 😉