We are at the point in our planning where action must occur in order for us to go forward. Simply put, we have to sell our current home before we can build this new one. It’s the smart thing to do. For our pocketbooks, it is the only thing to do.

But I do so hate this waiting. This is an agonizing process – making sure the house is spotless each time we leave it, hoping someone will want to see it, praying someone will make an offer…any offer. Wondering if there is something about our house that screams, “Stay away!!” It’s enough to make me completely insane if I let it.

I’m trying not to let it.

I’m ready to focus on concrete slabs, drywall and mortar and whether or not I can score some Spanish moss to hang in my oak trees. I’m ready to see my builder roll his eyes at me when I tell him that I want to scratch our names into the fresh cement at the back of the driveway. I’m ready to picnic under my new favorite oak before building ever gets underway, just me and Dom and the kids…our first meal at our new home-before-it’s-a-home. I’m ready to have our priest bless the land and the workers who will make this dream a reality for us.

I’m ready to move in with my parents and begin our summer in one location with our pups. I miss snuggling up with Mason and Mabel regularly. I think they miss us too. I’m ready to be reunited. I’m ready to show them their new home.

Now, I also need someone who is ready to make their new start in my present home. Someone who is ready to unpack in this two-story home where I have grown my family and my dreams. A family who is ready to grow their dreams, too, and start a new chapter of their lives in a new place.

Our paths will cross. Sooner than later, I believe. If it doesn’t happen soon, it won’t be for my lack of prayer, that’s for sure. I have prayed so much, my co-workers are bound to think I’m ill. I have been reassured, though, and if I am faithful, I will see the fruits of these labors…and this wait.