Watch out, folks…I have spawned two more bloggers!!

Given the fact that I have five blogs, it should come as no surprise that my children wanted their turn.  After all, they have watched me spill all the random happenings of our lives in two of my blogs for the last couple of years.  They are old enough now that 1) they need to hone their writing skills, and 2) they should have as much right to share their thoughts and experiences as I do.  And so their internet real estate has been established (in the free sub-domain kind of way) and they are both on Blogger.  Their site names cracked me up!!  No doubt you can tell who is who:

And, of course, we have rules.  I talked ad nauseum about the things we DO NOT do on our blogs.  (No teachers’ names, no friends’ last names, no school names, no city names, no rudeness, no criticizing of people, no hateful words.)  In short, don’t put anything on the internet that you don’t want to say straight to someone’s face…with their mamma and me standing right beside them.  That pretty much sums up the rules.

I think they are excited about having their own chance to journal in the same way that I do, and I can’t wait to see what all they write about.  (Without having read it yet, I know Vic’s first post is about food, and maybe some of the changes we are making.)

Now I gotta go get busy.  First on the list is becoming an official follower of each of their blogs.  Then I gotta rethink my own site design to accommodate the newbies.

May this venture bear worthy fruit.  🙂