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As I explained to my builder, I’m that crazy lady who finds symbolism in everything and prays for all good through all processes. And blessings. I pray for blessings. Like, All. The. Time. So it made perfect sense in my mind that when the time came to build our house, I would have the property first blessed, and ask for a special blessing on my builder and all the people who will work on my house.

(I can also get really carried away with things. I haven’t yet on this project, but give me time.)

The way I see it, we are blessed to be able to build. We are blessed to be healthy and surrounded by family. We are blessed with peace. It’s only right to want that for everyone else.

So I called the priest who married me and Dom. It has been our custom over the years to include Father David in all the beginnings of our lives. He catechized me, confirmed me, married us, blessed our first home, and baptized our first child. I hoped he wouldn’t think I was crazy for wanting him to bless a patch of grass. He graciously agreed to what amounted for him to be a two-hour drive and an overnight stay at the Catholic Center.

Then I called my builder and shared the idea with him, asking that he come to our lot on Wednesday for a blessing on him and all the workers he would represent. He sweetly agreed.

And so it was that at promptly 6:30 last night we all gathered at my in-laws’ house, traipsed next door, and prayed for God’s blessing on all those who will come and go at this address, on the home that will soon stand, on the plans that direct how it is to be constructed, on the builder himself and on all those who will work to make this home a reality.

Now we can really “dig in.”