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We finally have visible evidence that we are really going to do this! The dozers arrived at our lot on Friday. This morning they cranked up to take down one of the large oak trees I had hoped to keep but finally resigned myself to live without. There are two large older-than-dirt oaks at the front of the property and I had envisioned them quaintly framing the front of my house, Spanish moss dripping from their crooked branches. And then we went to the lot to stake out the foundation last weekend and I got to really looking at the two oaks. The smaller (though not by much) tree would need a lot of trimming if it were going to carry a particular look – and not drag across my roof. I decided then that if I had to give it up, I would try to not be heartbroken over it.

The doomed oak

As it turns out the tree will actually be too close for comfort to our foundation. Our builder tossed me some ideas to keep from losing the tree, like pushing the house back on the lot, etc. He knew I really wanted both trees. In the end it would have meant more materials to accommodate a longer driveway, which translates to more cost, not to mention a shortened back yard. I declined any edits to our plans and said my mental good-bye to the stately oak.

I stopped by at lunch today to sneak a peek at the progress. Our builder (Dominick) and my Father-in-law were chatting in the side yard while a bulldozer cleared grass and dirt away for the foundation and another dozer with a huge claw busily made piles of tree parts – my oak included. Dominic told me that they will probably have the 3-feet-deep scraping of dirt cleared out of the pad area today, and then tomorrow they will return to haul off the piles of tree scrap. I snapped pics of the work in progress, as you can see, and then realized video would do the event more justice. I only wish I would remember to keep my mouth shut while filming. What follows is the claw dozer lifting up the entire stump of my oak tree and tossing it onto the rubbish pile. (All you Toy Story fans, say it with me: “Oohhhhhhh, the Claaawwwwwwwwww!”)

In preparation for all the work that will be going on here, my niece made a sign and put it up in front of the well so that no one would doze over it on accident. Thank you, Bella!! 🙂


Until tomorrow…