Let’s see – the last house post was on Day 1, which was followed by loads and loads (and more loads) of dirt, followed by a solid week of rain, and finally – you guessed it – more dirt.  It wasn’t until this week that progress was really evident.  I’ll give you a run-down of the past ten days:

Once we had enough dirt, the foundation was framed:

Last Saturday Dominick (our builder), Dom, and my Father-in-law built the pad for the well-house.  Pops worked a little too hard for 8 hours in that 111-degree heat index, and ended up in the ER for heat exhaustion.  He’s good as new now, but taking it a little easier outside.  😉

Tuesday morning I traipsed through all that expensive dirt before heading to the office.  Note to self: Don’t do that in heels.  Ever Again.

Once the foundation frame was up, the plumber came out to do his thing.  Woo-hoo!  We have pipes!

Through all this, Victoria is thoroughly enjoying the piles of expensive dirt.  She’s Top of the Heap!

Finally, the pad was ready… dirt was divided for the beams, rebar was set in place, plumbing and electrical holes were secured.  It looked really small, but we have been assured that’s normal by other people who have built homes.  I really couldn’t imagine how everything was supposed to fit into this space.

And then, today finally arrived.  Cement Day!!!  The guys arrived at 5:30 AM (bless them!) and the trucks arrived fifteen minutes later to begin pouring.  By the time I got there at lunch, we had a slab!

There’s no turning back now!! 🙂