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This week the official framing of the house began.  Now we can start to see slight room definition.  While placement of the rooms is now clear, relational size of them still eludes us.  But that’s okay – we got us some sticks!!

One afternoon I drove out to the site via a different access road.  As I drove over the interstate overpass I glanced in the general direction of my house.  All I could see were trees and studs.  I mean, I could really see my not-even-half-constructed house through all those trees!!  My hand flew to my mouth and I think I actually said, “Holy crap!  That’s my house!” Out loud.  It just looked so…big.

Someone please remind me of that if I ever whine about how small it is.  Or better yet, just give me a good ol’ Gibbs head slap.  I’ll totally deserve it.

It all feels so very real now.  The dream is starting to take some actual physical shape.  We even have stairs already!!

As the frame started to come together and I began to actually envision the outside of the home in slightly more concrete pictures (haha – get it? Concrete? Oh, nevermind…) I chastised myself for not yet settling on a stucco color for the front of the house.  I already chucked the whole idea of picking my own interior color, and just uploaded a pic of paint samples to my Facebook timeline and let my friends pick the wall color.  (It was a rough day and I was taxed!)

Anyhoo, I was happily riding along in the passenger seat of my Dad’s car when we pulled into a Starbucks location that I had all but forgotten.  While sitting in the drive-thru it finally hit me: I LOVE the color of the building.  It’s a dark latte color, or maybe a…mocha frap?

I’m here all week, folks. 

I emailed Starbucks’ corporate offices to ask them if they could possibly research their files and tell me what color was used on that particular building because I wanted to duplicate it on my house.  They kindly replied that they could NOT tell me the color because it would violate the confidentiality agreements they have with their contractors.


I assured them that I am not above standing outside the coffee-house with a stack of Sherwin Williams paint swatches – which I have already done (twice).  But thanks to a Starbucks-loving Sherwin Williams employee and another who thought the confidentiality excuse was a load of bull, I was able to learn that the exact color is SW7695, Mesa Tan.

So the next time you have a latte, remember the crazy chick in Louisiana who wants her house to look like your coffee.  🙂