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…but you don’t expect to lose your child. This is a pain like nothing I have ever felt.”

These words were spoken by a friend tonight as she grieved for the sudden death of her son. I cannot possibly imagine the pain she referenced, and there is nothing I can say or do to ease it. Prayers are all I have to offer, and I offer them with the most sincere desire that adding my tears to hers will somehow help.

It won’t. That’s the raw, fragmented-tissue-exposure that death leaves for us when it enters our realm. It’s brutal and it hurts like hell, no matter how many of us grieve together. No matter our faith or our belief in the next life, death just… sucks. No two ways about it.

So we hug each other and grieve in unison, trying to hold together the pieces of each other that we can still feel. And we pray.

We pray so very hard.

Another dear friend lost her momma this morning. Even when we expect it, even when we know it’s coming, we are still never ready to let go of those we love.

May everyone who grieves these unbearable losses find comfort. And may their loved ones be welcomed into Heaven by a host of angels, there to rest eternally in Christ’s peace.